Our Team


Ross Wilson

Ross Wilson is the Senior Pastor at Southside. He’s been a Christian as long as he can remember, and always wanted to help people see that the life-saving message of Jesus is always relevant for people everywhere. He’s married to Kim, loves gardening and sitting down and hearing people’s stories. Ross is also deeply passionate about helping people belong at Southside.


Ben Mansfield

Ben is the Mission Pastor at Southside. He grew up hearing about Jesus, but it wasn’t until 18 that he realized he wasn’t good enough to save himself and desperately needed Jesus. Ben is passionate about the message of Jesus, and wants everyone to find life in Him. He’s married to Elizabeth, loves fishing and sport, and loves helping people see Jesus for the first time. Ben is also deeply convicted that there is more to life than what the world offers us.


Ryan Holmes

Ryan is the Maturity and Ministry pastor at Southside. Ryan grew up not knowing about Jesus, but at 18 made a commitment to follow him. Ryan gave up the dream of professional rugby league for the journey to helping people grow to be more like Jesus. Ryan is married to Sarah, is a new dad to Hosea, loves reading books and watching footy, and is deeply passionate about two big things: Firstly, helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus, and secondly, helping people serve wholeheartedly for Him.


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