Prayer moves the hand that moves the world.

At Southside we recognize that God has created prayer as a means to work in our church and in our world. That’s why we are working hard to make prayer a key emphasis as we go on mission.

So, we are gathering together a prayer team. This is a team of people who are dedicated to cover our church in prayer each day recognizing how vital prayer is for the growth of God’s kingdom.


Are you interested in joining our team?

We are looking for men and women who will join us to commit to praying for our church.

What we aren’t saying is that only a few people can pray for church. Our hope is at Southside all of us are praying for our church (and there’s an opportunity each Sunday morning at 8am in the board room of our church as people gather to pray for the Sunday and what God is doing in the world).

What we are saying is that we’d love people to actively commit to prayer for the glory of God and the good of his church. The expectation for a team member is that they would commit to praying for 15 minutes each day for ministries involving our church and the impact we have in our world.

If you’d like to join this team, please let us know in the following form, and we’ll get in contact with you shortly.

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