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CAMP 2019

camp information

Cost: $30 for the cost of food (Eftpos availz) (IF money is an issue, please chat to Ben about this!) 

Arrive: Some of us will leave from church at 6:30pm Friday and have maccas on the way. If you can't make it then, come anytime on Friday night. 

Location: We're out at Lake Moogerah. Ben will send the address out later. 

General activities: Word, prayer, community, all the good stuff. 

Depart: We'll finish up after lunch on Sunday


Southside YouNG ADULTS Camp Registration Form


Name *
Do you have any special dietary requirements? If so, please list them
Are there any medical or psychological conditions which require special attention that we should know about e.g. diabetes, asthma, allergy to bee-sting, other allergies that may affect you including food allergies, hearing or sight impairment, ADHD, behaviour issues, formal counselling situations, or any other? Please list below:
Please Give details of your medical insurance if applicable
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In the case of an emergency, please list the phone numbers where you and another trusted adult may be contacted during the course of the program.
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I am aware, in signing this document regarding my participation this program, that certain elements of the program could be physically and emotionally demanding. Furthermore, I understand that certain inherent risks and dangers may exist in the activities in which I will be participating. I acknowledge that while the organisation and its leaders will make every reasonable effort to minimise exposure to known risks, all hazards and dangers associated with these activities cannot be foreseen or may be beyond the control of the organisation, its leaders and staff. In the event of any emergency where my nominated contact people are unavailable: 1. I authorise the leaders to obtain medical advice and/or assistance which they deem necessary. 2. I further authorise qualified practitioners to administer anaesthetic if required. 3. I accept all operation, blood transfusion and/or anaesthetic risks involved in the event that such procedures are deemed necessary. 4. I accept the responsibility for payment and agree to pay medical, transport and any other related expenses. 5. I confirm that the information contained in this application is true and correct. 6. I agree to inform the leader of any change to these details.