Southside Youth

Child Safety Permission to proceed

At Southside Youth, we care about the safety of all teenagers who come to Southside Youth. This means that we do at least two things;

The first thing we do is all our Southside Youth leaders are required to do training through the Presbyterian Church of Queensland called Pressafe (for more information head to

The second thing we do is we work with parents/guardians to make sure we have the information for teenagers who come to Southside Youth so that we can make sure Southside Youth is as safe a place for teenagers as possible.

This is why we require a permission form for returning youth. If you could, please fill out the form below, and the information will go to our team.


Southside Youth Permission Form

Parent/Guardian Information *
Parent/Guardian Information
Teenager's name *
Teenager's name
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Name
I give permission for appropriate photos/videos of my child/ren taken during the program to be displayed in a public place (e.g. church publication, presentation, internet site, approved social media platform) unless I explicitly advise otherwise. I give permission for the personal details given herein to be provided to appropriate leaders and/or relevant medical/emergency services as deemed necessary. I understand the details given herein will be used by leaders to contact myself and/or my child/ren and that the details will not be given to any third party, except as provided above. Authorisations & Expectations: By completing this form, I hereby give permission for my child/ren to attend all scheduled activities this year, unless we explicitly advise the leadership team otherwise. In doing so I undertake to provide the leaders with any information relevant to the wellbeing of my child/ren prior to them attending any and all scheduled activities. I authorise our child/ren - that when advised by the youth team for schedules activities - to travel in a car driven by an approved leader or an approved parent, unless we explicitly advise the leadership team otherwise. (Your children will not be in a vehicle driven by a learner licence holder.) I understand that every effort will be made to provide a safe environment, however in signing this form I authorise the leaders, in the event of an emergency, to obtain at my expense any medical, ambulance, rescue or other services considered necessary. I also acknowledge that being part of a community involves mutual care and consideration, and therefore agree that unacceptable behaviour may result in my child/ren being sent home &/or being temporarily or permanently prohibited from attending the activities of this group.